At McGee Pool and Patio, we understand that as time becomes increasingly limited, many people have turned to their homes as a source of relaxation and entertainment. Time, energy and money go into transforming a chosen space into the perfect home, and for many, the same level of care is taken to extend the living space outward. Outdoor living spaces are desirable because they increase personal space, and when done correctly, become a seamless extension to your home. We design and build swimming pools, lap pools and decorative pools.

Pools are the most natural choice, simply because people are drawn to water by nature. The Earth is covered by two-thirds water, our bodies are 60 percent water and cells need water for nourishment and sustenance. A pool is a sizable investment that should only be done by an experienced professional; correcting mistakes can get costly very quickly.

At McGee Pool and Patio, we have years of experience which has helped us become experts at pool design and pool building. At McGee Pool and Patio, you can be sure to receive superior pool construction. Our pools improve the quality of life with their therapeutic benefits. The sound of water swaying, rocking and even gently splashing is an incredible source of tranquility. The reflection of the elements surrounding a pool is appealing to the eye. The natural ambiance and tranquility that comes from being around pools, day or night, is unparalleled. Not only will a swimming pool extend the living space, but it increases the value of your property and gives you the perfect place for personal relaxation, family fun or social entertainment.

Our backyard pools are often the focal point of the house, bringing people together for a cool and refreshing swim. From the initial custom design to the pool building, we offer a personalized service that balances your artistic preferences, with structural limitations and the intended use of the pool. Our pool builders take our pool designs and build the structure with care and attention to detail.

Pool Plaster and Finishes

Additional Resurfacing Options Include

  • National Pool Tile
  • Krystal Krete
  • Hydrazzo
  • Sunstone Select
  • Sunstone Pearl
  • Ultra Pearl
  • Shimmering Sea
  • Pool Tite Plus
  • Crystal Stone

Flagstone Pool Entries

A pool entry is a visual entry into a pool, and a pool flagstone entry is an appealing choice. McGee offers entries capped with flagstone, because the flagstones look great under water. The water helps bring out the rich colors in the stone and gives it a nice shine.

Pool flagstone entries are intimate conversation spaces, and McGee builds them adjacent to spas so that people can talk while wading in their water temperature of choice.

Our pool flagstone entries imitate a beach entry as they gently slope downward into the water. The shallow water creates a great space for smaller children to splash and play in, with parental supervision. You can even put chaise lounges or other chairs on the flagstone entry.

Lying out with a great book or headphones, as the water gently rocks against the base of a chair, is a great way to relax and unwind.

Custom Pool with Waterfeatures by McGee Pool