At McGee Pool and Patio, we realize that being outdoors, socializing and cooking a delicious meal goes to the heart of our humanity. For years people have yearned to be connected to the outdoors and to bring that feeling into their own backyard.  Many people have the natural desire to cook and entertain while breathing in fresh air and the faint aroma of garden flora.

Stylish furniture, weather-proof appliances, expansive countertops for food preparation,  sinks, cabinets, islands, refrigerators, smokers, stovetops, grills and brick ovens can be added to give you more flexibility and cooking options. Whether you’re throwing a few steaks on the grill or cooking a gourmet meal as the sun sets in the sky, outdoor kitchens keep you outdoors instead of cooped up inside.

Many people agree that dining alfresco (cooking outdoors) is a fun experience that they wouldn’t otherwise get to have, and that somehow food just tastes better outdoors. Our outdoor kitchens are designed based on your needs and intended use.  They nestle up nicely to a swimming pool or fireplace and have a number of benefits.

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Benefits of McGee Backyard Cooking Areas

  • More room to entertain
  • Keep the heat out of your kitchen and home
  • Get connected to the great outdoors
  • Food is more flavorful outside
  • Lounge by the pool with a plate southern barbeque or gourmet cuisine
  • Dining alfresco can be fun and romantic
  • Perfect setting for parties and family gatherings
  • A vacation from everyday life right in your own backyard

Outdoor kitchens with roofs enable you to cook outdoors even if it’s raining, and help keep you cool when it gets hot.  Move your party to the lounge chairs and watch as lazy clouds float by, or draw lines between the stars in the constellations.  Outdoor kitchens are a cool place to relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family. McGee Pool and Patio can help transform a tedious task like cooking, into an enjoyable experience.

We install many popular grill brands such as Green Egg, DCS, Lynx, Viking, Capital, OCI, Hasty-bake, Fire Magic, PGS Grills and Bull Grills. Be sure to accessorize your outdoor kitchen with our great options including Blanco Sinks, Infratech Outdoor Heaters and Avanti Refrigerators.

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