Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

Saving money and energy are big priorities when maintaining your invest of a pool. McGee Pool has some tips on how to save!

  • Heating - The optimal temperature for pool is 78°; if you exceed that temperature you could be wastefully heating your pool. Unless necessary, turn your thermostat low during off seasons to save on energy costs.
  • Receive Regular Maintenance - Regular pool maintenance can prevent future damage by checking for leaking, cracks or necessary repairs. McGee Pool and Patio offers a maintenance plan that takes the worries off of you when maintaining your pool.
  • Pump and Filter - Ensure your pumps and filters are regularly checked for leaks, cracks or repairs. Filters only need to be operating 4-5 hours a day in the summer time and 2-3 hours in the winter time. Check with your utility companies to see if there are different times of day that rates are less expensive.
  • Length of Heater Times - Operate your heater only during times your family will use the pool. There is no need to heat your pool at night if you only use it during the day. Schedule times of the year that your heater is off to extend the life of your heater.
  • Cover - Adding a cover to your pool can save up to 50-70% in energy for pool heating.

Contact McGee Pool to see if there is a custom maintenance plan we can create for your pool!


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