5 Pool Party Ideas

Celebrate your new pool renovation finished by McGee Pool and Patio by inviting friends and family over for a themed pool party.

  • Movie Theme - Enjoy a drive-in movie feel, right in comfort over your backyard. Bring your big screen TV and rent a projector and watch a movie while enjoying your pool! Supply some buttered popcorn and candy to make your guests feel like they are in theater!
  • Beach Day - Instead of driving to the beach, enjoy the beach at home! Bring your umbrellas and towels and sun bathe by the side of your McGee Pool. Throw some giant beach balls around and play a beach volleyball match with your friends!
  • Margarita Party - Set up a piñata and serve margaritas to your friends and family! Be sure and serve up some chips and dip with lots of cool refreshments! Enjoy some grilled fajitas and play some great salsa music to dance to.
  • Game Day - Host a party for the next big game with a cool twist! Rent a projector and display the game on your TV outside. Offer all the necessary tailgating materials (wings, chips and dip, and drinks) plus you can decorate your backyard decked out in your favorite team’s logos and colors.
  • Hawaiian Theme - Present leis and coconut decorated drinks to your guests while lying out on floats at your pool! Grill some great food on skewers and make sure to add lots of pineapples to your dishes. Set the mood by having tiki torches and beautiful tropical flowers! Also, play some limbo or host a hula hoop contest to excite your guests!

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