Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pool

After your newly remodeled or newly constructed McGee Pool is finished there are some maintenance and cleaning tips we want you to do. Contact McGee Pool to get a quote on our maintenance program so you can save time!

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Brush the surface of the pool and the tiles
  • Clean off debris of the surface of the pool
  • Test levels of pH

Filter Maintenance:

  • Every 6 months clean your filter by removing
    the grids

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Clean grout with tile cleaning solutions
  • Inspect for cracks and separation

Yearly Maintenance:

  • Shock or heavy chlorinate your pool
    after heavy rains or heavy usage
  • Hire McGee Pool and Patio to perform a complete
    water analysis

Try McGee Pool and Patio’s maintenance program to ensure your pool stays beautiful and clean!

Contact McGee Pool to see if there is a custom maintenance plan we can create for your pool!


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