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When it comes to pool ownership there are a lot of decisions to make. Whether you are building or renovating your pool, it’s important to choose the right equipment. The right equipment can make a big difference on the life and safety of your pool. We can install safe, quality Pentair pool equipment. Pentair offers both quality and eco-friendly products. Let us help you choose what equipment is right for your pool and your lifestyle.

Pool Equipment Options

IntelliTouch® Pool and Spa Control System

The IntelliTouch® system allows you to schedule and operate pool heating, filtration and cleaning at the touch of a button. It also gives you control over additional heaters, pool and landscape lights, valves, water features and more!

This system ensure that’s all of your equipment operates efficiently for optimal energy savings. IntelliTouch® can sense when there are conditions that could cause equipment malfunction and alters you of these things. It can also take automatic corrective action to shut down systems before the condition worsens.

IntelliFlo® Variable Speed Pool Pump

IntelliFlo® Varible Speed pumps use variable drive technology, onboard digital intelligence and permanent magnet motors (found in hybrid vehicles). Standard Pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined, costing pool owners $1,000 a year in energy costs. These pumps are great energy-savers, decreasing energy costs by up to 90%.

The IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS model features a built-in Safety Vacuum Release System to detect drain blockage. When the system detects any kind of blockage the pump automatically shuts off.

IntelliChlor® Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

This salt chlorine generator converts salt into chlorine for your pool. This pool generator uses ordinary table salt to produce all the chlorine your pool could need. It does this automatically, efficiently and safely. This salt chlorine generator has the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition, and eliminates the need for pool owners to purchase chlorine.

IntelliBrite® LED Color Lighting for Pools

Using these LED lights in your pool in place of competing LED lighting can cut your energy costs nearly in half.

IntelliBrite® 5g color-changing lights not only save energy, but are more efficient, better quality lighting and are easier to control.

Combinations of individual colored LEDs are mixed to achieve a brilliant spectrum of colors. Different combinations are sequenced and can be set to cycle at varying speeds. With its custom reflector and unique lens design, IntelliBrite® is the brightest and most efficient LED lights available in the market.

WhisperFlo® High Performance Pool Pump

This high performance pool pump has an innovative hydraulic design that can move water more efficiently and even more quietly than standards pumps. WhisperFlo® offers the highest water flow of any high performance pump with the lowest energy consumption. This makes this pump one of the best on the market.

MasterTemp® Gas Heater

This pool heater system is quiet, compact and features an eco-friendly design.

MasterTemp® Heaters are more efficient, convenient and are very reliable. This pool heater is as easy to use as your home heating system. This system is also very quiet so it does not interrupt your time in or out of the pool.

One of this system’s best features is its best-in-class energy efficiency. This heater can help pay for itself in energy savings. These heaters are also certified for NOx emissions, eliminating extra strain on the environment.

MasterTemp® High Performance Pool Heater

This heater is durable and reliable, with the most updated features that every pool owner should have. This is the best performance and a lifetime value.

FNS® Plus Pool Fiberglass D.E. Filter

This filter offers best-in-class pool water filtration. This filter can remove contaminants as small as 5 microns. The average rain of sand is 1,000 microns. These particles are too small to see with the naked eye individually, but together can affect your water clarity.

This filter was strategically designed for easy maintenance and the performance reliability.

Contact McGee Pool to see if there is a custom maintenance plan we can create for your pool!

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