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Outdoor lighting is an essential element for any outdoor living space. McGee Pool and Patio has years of experience lighting landscapes and pool areas, ensuring your outdoor space has the character and charm you desire. Carefully controlled outdoor lighting can be designed to illuminate homes, water features, structures, foliage and pools.

The perfect lighting rests in the balance between functionality and atmosphere. McGee Pool lighting professionals work to maintain this balance by focusing on the primary intended uses, while finding the perfect landmarks to accent or highlight. Purposeful lighting gives you the flexibility to extend your time outdoors during and after the sun sets, while practical or intense lighting illuminates pathways and cooking areas.

The right lighting is unobtrusive and will blend in with the elements allowing the other outdoor elements to become the focal points of the landscaping design. Lighting should be as soft and useful as natural moonlight. Whether it is a chandelier with sparkling stones, soft candles flickering under a starry sky, lanterns and torches burning in warm tones, the most effective outdoor lighting will enhance unique design elements or architectural features.

Our experts will help you find which features to accent and which to deemphasize. Stronger lights can be used to create a dramatic effect. Soft lighting and accent lights create ambience, and downlights are used for overall lighting. Lighting is especially impressive when reflected over the crystalline surface of a pool.

Individual switches, dimmers, motion detectors and automatic lights are important safety lighting features. They help you move easily at night, and they provide protection while you sleep or when you are away from home. Weather-resistant products and fixtures give you more flexibility, and new energy efficient bulbs provide high energy savings while creating a look you won’t be able to wait to show off.

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Outdoor Lighting

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