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McGee Pool and Patio professionals start any outdoor living space with a strong foundation. Pool decking and other outdoor decking are integral to the design. Decks and paving provide dimension and physical boundaries. Custom decking and other architectural features frame the area like a painting so that all of the focal elements are highlighted.

Many people look to their backyards as a private oasis, and this would not be possible without the proper decking and pathways. McGee Pool gives you the flexibility to select decking that ranges from natural to sleek and contemporary. A successful foundation begins with materials which complement both your personal style and the surrounding architecture and backyard landscape.

Outdoor flooring made of polished pebbles, stamped concrete or laid stone are remarkable choices. Decking can be laid with a more natural flow with earthy tones, or more dynamic and elegant approach can be created with strong lines of brick.

We can help you choose the right stone that is both sturdy and appealing. Stone, tile, brick, wood and concrete are brilliant choices due to their range of colors, texture, patterns and durability. Decking materials can be used to connect and create a flow between areas of your backyard. From the garden to the pond, the pool to the spa or the kitchen to the dining room, each of these areas will need a path that directs movement.

Patterned Concrete By Rey helps us assign the perfect decking based on where your deck is going to be built, how often it will be used, and how much you intend to invest in the upkeep.

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