SeaShell Awnings

A SeaShell Retractable Awning is the first All Weather, All Season shade solution that can withstand extreme wind speeds, snow and pounding rain. There is no need to retract a SeaShell Awning when weather changes thus allowing you to reclaim your outdoor living space.

That’s exactly what your friends and neighbors will be saying when they experience your new SeaShell Awning. Well, that might be the second thing they say since most people typically say “WOW” the first time they see it.

Uniquely engineered to match its stunning appearance, the SeaShell Awning is an eye catcher. Each SeaShell Awning is designed to create a newly extended living area that is so much more appealing; you will feel the draw to constantly discover new reasons to conduct your activities outside instead of inside.

Choose which SeaShell Awning is best for you:

  • the90 – Ideal Solution for any Corner Area

  • the180 – Perfect for Large Areas

  • the270 – The Only Around The Corner Solution

  • the360 – For Large Freestanding Shade Needs

It Does What An Awning Is Supposed To Do

SeaShell Awnings is changing the Retractable Awning world with only Radial Retractable Awning that can withstand wind loads of 95MPH. Every SeaShell Awnings is engineered to be used and more importantly thought of as a Semi Permanent Structure. It is designed to be left deployed to provide maximum protection from the elements. The beauty of the SeaShell Awning is empowering you to choose whether you want full protection from Sun & Rain or full view of the Starry Sky above.

Every SeaShell Awning Provides Protection:

  • 99.997% Protection from UVA & UVB

  • Reduces Solar Heat Gain Through Windows & Sliding Doors

  • Reduces HVAC Demand Which Reduces Energy Costs

  • Water Proof Material Provides Protection from Morning Dew & Rain

  • Automatically Retracts In Wind Gusts Above 35 MPH

Protect your family from the suns harsh rays as well as the investment in your outdoor furniture and fixtures. Let SeaShell Awnings extend your living area and experiences and discover exactly Why You’ll Love SeaShell Awnings!


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